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The Automated Teller Machine (ATM) is a convenient way to deposit or withdraw money. It needs to be functioning properly at all times for each transaction. In case of any problem, critical spare parts will help the bank solve the problem immediately. Pacific Kabul office keeps a stock of all critical spare parts and orders them from the NCR USA Data Warehouse. Then Pacific delivers the spare parts at the bank premises.

Magnetic heads

If you’re in need of a new magnetic card reader head for your ATM, you may want to consider Electro Magnetic Components. EM Components manufactures magnetic card reader heads and other parts for ATMs and other POS devices. Their products are high quality and manufactured with 100% US materials. They offer high-quality replacement ATM rollers and parts, and many of their products are available for overnight shipping. EM Components offers both LoCo and HiCo magnetic card reader heads, so you can find the exact parts you need without any hassle.

Longtop Group adheres to the concept of “quality and trust” and controls all products to international standards. We provide full series of ATM parts for many leading ATM manufacturers and also accept OEM orders. We are committed to providing excellent customer service and 24 hours professional online support. Our team will assist you with any questions or problems, and will deliver your products quickly and accurately. ATMs are costly to operate and maintain, so you’ll want to find a reputable company to handle your ATM parts.


Oftentimes, ATM cassettes are troublesome if not properly installed or serviced. Problems can range from misdispensing cash notes to jamming. TestLink has developed a new purpose-built NCR ATM cassette tester to prevent ATMs from dispensing cash too fast and without ensuring that all low cash sensors are functioning properly. With the new tester, users will be able to easily verify the functionality of their ATMs and make the necessary repairs.

In addition to security, the ATM cassette tester offers convenience. It will allow engineers to see the configuration of each NCR ATM cassette instantly without the need to perform any manual testing. However, failure to test an ATM’s cassettes can damage the device, making a replacement cassette useless. A NCR ATM cassette tester has a mirror at the back that lets you see the configuration in real time. This feature is particularly useful if the ATM has a malfunctioning shutter that can prevent the cassette from dispensing cash.

DieboldDirect is an excellent source for NCR ATM supplies. The company carries a full range of ATM supplies, including ATM cash cassettes. These are designed to fit into an ATM and dispense cash to customers. The company’s ATMs also come with a range of upgrades, including check imaging, truncation, and cash recycling. They feature the largest cash dispense capacity available in the market, and they feature a compact transaction area. The NCR SelfServ 30 series also offers a high-resolution screen, the shortest reach and the $1.00 buyout option.

Check imaging

Check imaging on ATMs is a hot topic these days, and this new technology has many advantages. ATMs can process and store images of checks in an image database. In addition to this, the images are stored in a database so they can be easily retrieved. Check imaging on ATMs is an ideal way to increase security in banking, and it also saves time and money. Here’s how ATMs can use it:

The next step in this process is to send images from the ATM to a consolidation and validation server. This is an important step in the ATM deposit automation process because images must be validated. You can either host the server in-house or have it hosted by a third party. In-house ATM consolidation solutions typically cost between $15,000 and $30,000 up-front and charge between 15-20% of the annual service fee. The image transfer agent is software on the ATM that isolates and encrypts check images. It can be purchased from the service provider or purchased through the ATM.

Once you have the image data, you can send it to a back office facility for processing. You can then send it to a storage bin 78. When processing this check, the back office facility can either process the image data or discard it. The back office facility can then make the necessary adjustments to the check. Check imaging on ncr atm parts

Check truncation

The Check 21 Act made it easier for banks to implement check truncation. The Act enables banks to validate and use substitute checks, making it easier to process transactions. NCR ATMs are also compatible with the Check 21 Act, making the conversion process faster and more efficient. These advantages make the APTRA NCompass a good choice for truncation. The software also includes a comprehensive set of check truncation services.

The technology is a game-changer for banks in several ways. For one, it speeds up the check clearing process by avoiding the tedious physical transfer of paper checks. Also, banks can now send images of a check instead of the paper version. This solution also enables banks to conduct extensive analysis and cross-selling activities with the information provided by the image. Its cost-effectiveness and convenience make it a smart choice for many businesses.

Bill payment

Automated Teller Machines, or ATMs, are convenient ways to deposit and withdraw money. To ensure smooth, uninterrupted operation, they should be in good working order during every transaction. When an ATM fails to work properly, critical spare parts should be available to solve the problem immediately. The Pacific Kabul office of NCR maintains an inventory of critical spare parts, which are ordered directly from the NCR USA Data Warehouse. Spare parts can also be ordered and delivered on request to the bank premises.

TestLink, a leading ATM parts supplier, has introduced innovative services for NCR ATM cassettes. The company’s new cassette service helps prevent the premature failure of ATMs and minimizes reputational damage. Whether it’s a defective or faulty cassette, TestLink has the parts and expertise to help you fix it quickly and affordably. In fact, TestLink is the largest independent ATM parts manufacturer, with over PS7.5 million worth of spare parts in stock.

Foreign exchange

An Automated Teller Machine (ATM) is a convenient way for people to deposit and withdraw money. The ATM must function properly for every transaction. When it stops working, a critical spare part can solve the problem immediately. Pacific Kabul office keeps all the critical spare parts in stock. It orders from NCR USA Data Warehouse. They deliver the spare parts directly to the bank premises on special request.


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