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Need A Mixing Tank? Contact Aile Automation!!!

Mixing tanks are used for blending various ingredients together to get a uniform mixture. They are used in various industries (food industries, cosmetic industries, pharmaceutical companies, laboratories, etc) for the mixing of various products. Mixing tanks are of various types. That is the reason, mixing tanks are specified for their job. The mixing tanks that are used in food and beverage industries cannot be used in the pharmaceutical industry to make medicines. Each type of mixing tank comes with different features. 

If you run a small pharmaceutical company or own a cosmetic company, then you should have a fully automated mixing tank. As these machines are used in large companies, they are not available everywhere. But there is no need to worry. Because Guangzhou Aile Automation Equipment Co., Ltd is entertaining its customers through a wide range of mixing tank series

Besides supplying different types of mixing tanks, the company also deals with other automated machinery including aerosol filling machines, filling capping labeling machines, perfume filling machines, etc. Aile Automation manufactures and supplies top-rated mixing tanks all over the world. Some characteristics features of the mixing tank developed by Aile Automation is given below:

  1. The mixing tank consists of different types of boilers including pretreating boiler, blending boiler, and emulsifying boiler. Also, it consists of a dumping system, hydraulic lift system, work platform, electric control system, etc. 
  1. Due to the fact that the machine is fully automated, it is easy to operate.
  1. Mixing tanks are available in various sizes depending on the customer needs ranging  from 100L to 1000L 


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