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Oiling The Door Lock – This Is How You Do It Right

Have you ever thought of oiling your hotel door locks? Over time, door locks can become stiff. At the latest when the key can only be turned with difficulty, it is time to act. Now read how to oil your door lock.

How To Properly Oil Your Door Lock:

  • Never use just any oil for your door lock that you have lying around, for example cooking oil. As soon as the oil gets older or the outside temperatures drop below zero, the oil can become viscous and the lock can become completely non-functional.
  • If you want to oil your door lock, you can use special lock oil use. Gun oil is also suitable for maintaining locks.
  • Graphite is even better. You can do this as a spray or as a powder use.
  • If you decide to use graphite powder, you can simply put this on the key and then turn the key and powder in the lock.
  • If you have a graphite powder packaged in a plastic vial with a tube, you can also use the tube to blow the powder directly into the cylinder. Then put the key in the lock and operate it a few times until it runs like clockwork again.
  • If you have silicone spray around the house, you can also use that to lubricate the door lock.

If the key can be easily inserted into the door lock but is cumbersome when turning, this can indicate wear. Then try a different key that hasn’t been used that often. But if the lock behaves just as unwillingly, it is time to replace the lock and key soon. Because you will still be able to “persuade” the lock for a while with slight wobbling movements of the key.


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