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password door lock

A password door lock is a security system that allows a person to enter a door only by using their password. The technology that allows password door locks to be installed in homes has several components. These components include a Keypad module, LCD display, and Processor. Understanding each component’s role is necessary to properly understand how they work.

Keypad module

A Password Door Lock is a type of security device that uses a password to open the door. The system works with three devices: a keypad, an Arduino board, and a servo motor. The keypad has four rows and four columns and is used to input the password. The Arduino board also controls the LCD display and buzzer.

The LCD displays the lock status and the password. The default password is “1234”, but you can change this to something else if you want. The module can be purchased ready-made or you can build one using Pushbuttons and a keypad. A 4×3 Keypad can be a great choice for this project.

To connect the keypad to an Arduino board, simply connect it to the A0 or A5 pins on the Arduino board. Then, connect the LCD’s three other pins to the Arduino’s digital pins 3 and 2. This will allow you to control the LCD’s contrast.

The “enterPassword” input function displays the keynum as a four-digit display and checks if the entered password has four characters or more. If so, it calls the checkPassword() function. If not, it resets the servo and resets the display to placeholder text.

You can build your own Password-Based Digital Door Lock Security System with an Arduino and a Keypad module. The password-based security system will make your home or locker secure and safe from thieves. It will only open the door when the right password is entered. The keypad will also help you identify unauthorized access to your property.

DC motor

The basic circuitry of a password door lock consists of a microcontroller and a DC motor. The microcontroller controls the motor to drive the door and LCD displays information. When the microcontroller sends a code signal, the motor driver turns the motor. When a person attempts to open the door, the lock will ask for a password. The default password is “5555”, and when the correct password is input, the door opens. If the password is incorrect, the lock will automatically close the door. Some of the designs also feature additional features such as a buzzer or send messages to the owner.

The circuit uses an AT89S52 microcontroller to control the entire process. The microcontroller reads the password from the keypad module and compares it with the password stored in the microcontroller. Once the password has been validated, the microcontroller drives the dc motor and sends status messages to the LCD. The keypad and the LCD act as an interface between the microcontroller and the door lock.

The password door lock uses a digital locking system, so it eliminates the need to store keys and carry them around. This system can also be used to automate the locking process. To operate the door lock, the user must input the password on a keypad, and if the password is correct, the dc motor turns the door. If the password is incorrect, the door remains closed, preventing unauthorized entry.

Password door locks are a great way to keep a home safe and secure. They are easy to implement and require minimal programming. The 8051 microcontroller is an embedded system and provides the necessary control. It receives the keyboard’s input and controls the motor, which then rotates based on the password entered.

The password door lock can also be customized by incorporating a touch panel display. The LCD will display a message when the door is open or closed. It also displays the user’s password when the door is locked manually.

LCD display

A password door lock is an electronic device that lets you set a password to open the door. You input the password into the keypad, and the LCD shows the corresponding digits. When the password matches, the lock opens. When the password is incorrect, it will prompt you to input it again.

The LCD is simple to operate and displays the current lock status and password. The default password is “1234”. To change the password, you press the # button on the LCD. A message will appear on the LCD indicating that you need to enter the new password. You then have eight seconds to confirm the password.

To make the LCD display, you need to connect an Arduino board to a servo motor and a 16×2 LCD. The LCD must be a 16×2 LCD with 16 columns and two rows. Check out this tutorial to learn how to interface the Arduino board with an LCD. You can also use a 16×2 LCD Display Module.

You can use an Arduino to create a password door lock security system. An Arduino IDE is required for this project. You can then copy and paste the code into your Arduino IDE. The Arduino IDE has a library called Keypad.h. You can also use it to create a password door lock that uses a servo motor.


Using an 8051 microcontroller, you can develop a password door lock system that can be used in your house. Password based door locks are simple but highly efficient. They use a password to ensure that only authorized individuals can enter the secured area. When someone attempts to open the door without the correct password, the system will close the door.

A PIN lock is flexible and adds another layer of security. The processor designed for this project is based on a Microcontroller and supports a keypad that generates signals that are sent to a control unit. The control unit will then activate an LED when the correct Pin is entered and a buzzer alarm when the wrong Pin is entered. The prototype successfully implemented the proposal. It also allows the user to change the password at any time.

This intelligent password door lock system works by changing the conventional cipher door lock into an intelligent cipher. It will generate a password instantly, and will also verify a fingerprint. This way, only determined individuals can access the password. And this greatly increases the security of the door locking system.

A password based door lock system can be used in homes and highly secured places alike. It is easy to install and comes with all of the mounting hardware and screws required for installation. It is also weather-resistant, and can be used with steel and wood doors. The password door lock also comes with a template to make it easier to install.


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