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Pregnant Women Should Avoid Hot Tubs And Spas

Relax in the whirlpool and forget your worries? Not in pregnancy! Pregnant women should avoid public hot tubs & spas as much as possible due to the increased risk of infection!

Due to the increased risk of infection, pregnant women should not bathe in public whirlpools because: ” Germs can multiply quickly in the warm water and the relatively small amount of water in whirlpools and pose a risk of infection.”

“Because expectant mothers are already more at risk of fungal and other vaginal infections, they should therefore avoid such baths.” Genital infections during pregnancy – such as chlamydia – can lead to eye or lung diseases in the unborn child. There is also a risk of premature birth However, there is no increased risk

Being pregnant with a child is special. You do everything in your power not to endanger the health of the little one. So is it safe to use a spa during pregnancy?

Opinions differ greatly as to whether it is safe to visit the spa during pregnancy. Some scientists say it’s better not to do it at all because the high temperature gives the unborn child a greater chance of developing abnormalities in the nervous system.

However, research has shown that you can go to the spa during pregnancy. However, it is important that you are in good health and that there are no complications. It is best not to go to the spa in the first trimester. At this point, the baby is most sensitive to external influences, and a high body temperature may pose a risk.

If you generally don’t go to the spa often, you should avoid doing so during pregnancy because your body isn’t used to the high temperatures then.


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