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Protect your Gardens

YS Netting is a company established in China that produces and wholesales sun shade cloth fabric. They provide material for windscreen production that is unparalleled. Their products are widely used in construction sites and golf courses for debris protection. They are also used outdoors to prevent sunshine and wind at places like playgrounds, parking, patios, etc.

These mesh tarps allow 25% of sunlight to pass through them. They are widely used for garden and home uses. They are of three types.

  1. One is the desert shade mass tarp which is used to protect low light plants.
  2.  The other is a truck tarp which provides a barrier between building substances like sand and gravel and the truck. It helps in simplifying complicated projects.
  3. The other type is tarps which are used for the purpose of gardening and horticulture. They shade and protect plants. They also allow air and sunlight to pass through them, which is necessary for the growth of plants. The active airflow assists in resistance of mold aggregation and mildew formation.

They double-stitch the tarp around the entire border. They are determined to provide their customers with supreme quality mesh tarps. Their products have a variety of sizes and colors.

Their mesh tarps have the following characteristics: –

  • The mesh hole openings have a size of 1 by 4 inches.
  • Its border is PVC enhanced.
  • It withstands cold weather climates and remains flexible throughout.
  • It is long-lasting, compact, and UV stabilized.


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