Chinese suppliers


Save your garden from getting wet!

YSNetting is an industry based in China that specializes in producing various types of commercial shade cloth. Their shade clothes are classified into the categories below:-

  • Agriculture shade cloth
  • Agriculture and farm net
  • Aluminum shade screen
  • Privacy fence screen.
  • Fruit tree net.
  • Commercial shade cloth.
  • Sports barrier netting.

One of the prominent products of cloth fabric is waterproof shade cloth. It is manufactured with supreme quality fabric. It is supplied in the form of bulk rolls. They have a waterproof coating which is highly durable. They are specially designed for commercial architectural applications and awnings. They are used specifically at those places where the waterproof structure is needed.

For using it properly, it should be put away from flames. Its contact with halogens, organic solvents, and highly acidic substances should be avoided. Its material is UV stable. It blocks 92% of UV rays. Its fabric weight is 330gsm. It is a waterproof shade fabric. Through heat setting, it ensures shrinkage equal to or less than one. It provides sufficient protection from UV rays. It is 100% recyclable. Also, it has dirt repellant properties. The coated side of the cloth has a five-year warranty while the non-coated side has a 10-year warranty.

It is available in stunning and beautiful colors. They enhance the design of the outdoor space where they are installed. They can be used at hospitals, Sports complexes, offices, buildings, playgrounds, schools, or any other place where there is an outdoor space. Their color is such that they match the environment in a unique design.


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