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Why One Should Use Water Filters For The Drinking Water?

In many households, filtering drinking water replaces the tedious dragging of heavy water bottles from the supermarket. But why is it so popular to filter tap water and which substances are actually filtered out?

Water filters contain activated carbon as a filter material, which can filter the smallest particles out of the drinking water. In addition, chlorine and other substances that interfere with taste and smell can also be removed from drinking water using the mini water filter system.

Many water filters also contain another substance to filter the water: ion exchangers. These are small spheres in the filter that absorb certain ions that are found in the water and exchange them with an equal number of other ions.

This means that it contains many ions, such as calcium and magnesium ions. These, in turn, are responsible for the build-up of limescale in many household appliances deposits that damage equipment. These ions are filtered out of the tap water by a water filter with ion exchangers and the water is thus decalcified. This turns hard water into soft, great-tasting water.

The advantages of the water filter

There are basically different options for filtering drinking water from the tap. There are, for example, water filter systems that can be connected directly to the water supply in the house or to the tap. 

But water filters, such as the table water filters, are probably the most common and also the simplest method of filtering water at home. The water filter cartridges are filled with activated carbon and ion exchangers. This mixture is primarily used to soften the water, which means that less limescale is deposited in household appliances. 

In addition, other substances, such as chlorine, are reduced. This improves the taste of the tap water. But other advantages also speak in favor of using a water filter, because water purification is:

  • ecologically
  • time-saving
  • inexpensive
  • particularly easy


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