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Searching For Fingerprint Lock? Contact Home Shield

Guangzhou Home Shield Guard Lock Co., Ltd is a professional platform that is used to manufacture and supply various types of advanced locks. Out of their various products, the fingerprint door lock is their signature product. In this article, we are going to discuss what fingerprint door locks are, what their perks are, and why choose Home Shield for buying smart locks.

What is a fingerprint door lock?

As the name suggests, fingerprint door locks are up to the minute technology that uses your fingerprints for locking and unlocking your house, apartment, or personal room. Fingerprint locks are much more secure as compared to ordinary locks because they can provide extra security. They are highly recommended because the individual feels safe by installing such locks. You can enroll up to five fingers on the scanner of the lock. In this way, your finger becomes your digital key. 

Many advanced fingerprint door locks are equipped with high-tech technology. They come with various features including a wifi module, OLED screen, full-screen tempered glass which act as anti-scratching, peep prevention, and more. 

Why choose Home Shield Company for buying smart locks?

There are numerous reasons to buy smart locks from Guangzhou Home Shield Co., Ltd over other companies. The foremost reason is their highly experienced engineers and staff. They have a wide experience of more than 20 years in the industry. 

Numerous models are available in each category of smart locks. You can see their entire collection of smart locks on their website. Buying smart locks from Home Shield is the best decision you will ever make.


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