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There is a company known as Lantian Precision Casting and Machining which manufactures steel products and gives them different shapes. They use different types of raw materials in order to turn them into products which are unique to them. They precisely cut and mold steel through their powerful machines and distinct techniques to produce high-quality products.

One of the techniques used by them is Low Alloy Steel Casting. Alloy Steel refers to the impurities added in steel for altering its properties. This is known as iron-carbon alloy. They are divided into two parts:

Low Alloy Steel

High Alloy Steel

Different alloys give it different qualities. Some of the examples are as follows:

Molybdenum is used for enhancing the strength of the material.

Nickel is used to increase toughness.

Chromium is used to increase strength to bear temperature, resistance to corrosion and hardness.

Alloy steel are well-known for their strict resistance against corrosion and wearing. Their performance strength is admirable too. Due to these extraordinary qualities, they are used in the different fields. Some of which are as follows.

Machinery for loading and unloading.

Machinery and equipment of engineering.

Machinery and equipment for mining.

Machinery and equipment for construction.

Machinery and equipment for metallurgy.

To cut it short, this company is famous worldwide for its efficient staff, skilled engineers, prompt customer care service and supreme quality products.


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