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Types Of LED TV

The most advanced form of television is LED. However, as innovation is everywhere, there are various types of LEDs. LED, OLED, QLED all are included in the evolution of television. All types of LEDs work on different technologies. In this article, you will get relevant information regarding different types of LEDs.

LED TV: Light-emitting diode aka LED TV is a type of TV that presents saturated and deep colors. LED TV is a form of LCD TV that uses LED for displaying lights. The very first LED was introduced by SONY in 2005. This type of TV is budget-friendly and is available in different sizes. You can buy an LED TV of any size according to your feasibility.

OLED TV: OLED stands for Organic Light-Emitting Diode. This type of LED is an advanced form of LED TV that utilizes organic molecules for the production of light. Because of the vibrant and effective display, such organic LEDs are considered the best display panels across the globe. OLED TV is effective in viewing broader viewing angles as compared to other televisions.

QLED TV: QLED TV or Quantum Light-Emitting Diode is another variation of the LED that uses the technique of quantum to display light. It represents vivid colors and the brightness ratio is much higher than any other LED. They can easily run on low electricity. 

The takeaway:

Each type of LED is beneficial in its own way. If you are a lover of vivid colors, then QLED TV is the best choice for you. Or if you want to buy a big display LED TV but have a budget issue, then no doubt LED TV is a perfect choice for you.


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