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What Is A Feedback Suppressor? A Simple Explanation

Are you tired of annoying sounds coming from the speakers? Do you want to protect your ears and speakers from the annoying sound that often comes from a conference system? If yes, then this article is just for you. In this article, we are going to introduce an innovative instrument that plays an important role in the suppression of sounds that are not pleasant to the ears. 

The advanced instrument that should be considered while setting up a conference system or any audio system is none other than a feedback suppressor. A feedback suppressor is one of the vital components of the audio system that should be considered very carefully.

Feedback suppressor:

A feedback suppressor is an advanced audio signal processing gadget that is used in the signal path in a live sound reinforcement system to suppress or prevent audio feedback. In short, it is helpful in preventing any unpleasant feedback of sound from coming back. Latest DSP (digital signal processors) technology is used in feedback suppressors for frequently and efficiently shifting of the audio signals. 

A feedback suppressor works automatically by controlling the frequencies and volume to inhibit the feedback. The suppression can be done in three ways which are listed below:

  • Adaptive filtering
  • Frequency shifting
  • Automatic notch filtering

Where feedback suppressors are used?

They are used in such places and events where there is a threat of feedback in live situations. Feedback suppressors are commonly used in plazas, commercial buildings, meeting rooms, karaoke, schools, for conducting seminars, etc. 


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