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The Ultimate Time Machine (Forward And Backward)


Your awakened mind is the ultimate time machine forward or backward. When things are seen differently, and lived differently, things happen. That is the honest reality of the situation. Spiritual is just another word for things happening that are genuinely miraculous and amazing. It is like the farmer in Africa looking for diamonds everywhere else but on his farm in the creek bed for diamonds as the genuine temple of the living God is within us all right where we stand in so many senses.

Listen, the ultimate time machine is a perception and a reality, not something I made up on the spot.

Like the movie “Somewhere In Time” or the book “Bid Time Return” by Richard Matheson, all we have to really do is reach back into our genuinely nearest resources to find the genuine miracle. The key to that miracle could be in your local library as a good hypnosis book or book or great book on the mind that teaches you to use your mind right to produce and procure that miracle for yourself.

The only enemy you have to all this really is thinking that the miracle is produced anywhere outside of yourself. To put it another way, “All is within, nothing is without” or the secret of the Emerald Tablet of Hermes said: As above, so below” or as Rodman Edward “Rod” Serling said, “look close, look close into your Twilight Zone”.

Why do you think it is a phenomena that the most deep things in life and existence are the simplest or seem to be the simplest and most direct? We must look at and think about the facts of reality with the mind of a child, yet as adult as an old person that has the wisdom. That is done by being open enough to learn, yet closed enough to dismiss what does not work realistically.

The crisis only comes when things get too complicated, or what does not work is pursued as if it does. Every solution is simple because it is done with what is genuinely possible. What do you think it means when it is said that “thought attracts that upon which it is directed”, “the early bird gets the worm to eat” or “the quickest most direct way is the simplest”?

So, what does it come down to? It comes down to using reality correctly to get a right result, that is it. All the rest is just beautiful and useless theory, lies and fantasies that lead nowhere.


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