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A reborn doll is a handmade doll that resembles just like a human baby in appearance. Reborn dolls are not manufactured in industries or by machines. The person who prepares a reborn doll is known as a reborner. Blank kit, vinyl, silicon are materials that are used in manufacturing reborn dolls.

 Besides the material, specific tools are used in the manufacturing of the reborn doll. A reborner is responsible for giving the specific appearance to the doll or the final appearance depends on the customer requirements. 

Reborn dolls can be made up of various sizes and shapes. Due to the fact that they look like real babies, they are used for various purposes. Some parents lose their child at an early stage or may suffer from miscarriage, empty nest syndrome (parents feel sad when their child is not around them), or stillbirths. 

They use reborn dolls for lessening their pain and to make themself comfortable. Such people treat reborn dolls like real babies. They give them baths, dress them, etc.

Furthermore, reborn dolls play an important part in cuddle therapy. Because it is believed that while cuddling the baby, certain hormones are released like oxytocin. As this hormone is released because of cuddling, oxytocin is also known as the “cuddling hormone”.

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