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Buying A Microphone For A Professional Meeting? Read This!!!

If you are going to conduct a professional meeting and want that meeting to be perfect in every way, then the foremost thing which you should consider is a microphone. A microphone is an advanced equipment that generates electrical energy variations from sound waves. If you are going to buy a conference microphone, then you should make sure that the microphone has the following features:

  • Should have a transducer capacitive type
  • The frequency response rate should be between 80Hz  to 15 kHz
  • The directivity should be super-cardioid pointing
  • The output impedance expected should be 12000 Ω.
  • The supply voltage should be phantom 48V (phantom refers to both sound transmission and current transmission)
  • Should have high-frequency interference
  • Designs should be noticed very carefully

Where to buy a conference microphone online?

If you have no time to go to the market and look for a conference microphone, you can shop online. Yes! The world is a global village. You can access anything within seconds from any part of the world. Similarly, you can also buy a conference microphone with all the above features online. 

Among various suppliers, the most trusted and professional platform is none other than Guangzhou TODUN Electronics Co., Ltd. It is an exclusive platform that deals with a wide variety of microphones at affordable costs. Besides microphones, the company also deals with various components that are required in the audio system. For example, a feedback suppressor. 

You can visit their online website to request a quote on your required product. The company’s professional staff will get you back as soon as possible. 


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