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How Can The Indoor Spa Be Cleaned?

The more often the indoor spa is used, the more often it should be cleaned. The water quality should be checked with a water test once a week. This reliably shows impurities, bacteria, and other contamination in the water. 

Because bacteria are also present in drinking water and can multiply without control, especially in standing water. If the values ​​in the water test deviate from the desired values, the quality can be improved with hot tub chemicals and special care products.

At the same time, cleaning the hot tub filter is recommended. Many people do this by hosing down with a garden hose and filter spray. Anyone who has already cleaned a filter in this way knows how much dirt is created in addition. The water splashes uncontrollably and the dirt spreads everywhere. 

Therefore, a cleaning system for the hot tub makes sense, especially for an outdoor hot tub. Most systems are easy to use: connect to the garden hose and clean with water pressure and without chemicals. A cover hood prevents annoying spraying and quickly ensures cleanliness.

A thorough cleaning is required every three to four months. That means: Clean the pipes with special cleaners, drain the water, clean it and refill it.

If you go into the hot tub, you should shower beforehand. But sometimes that’s not enough and residues of creams, body lotions, or other cosmetic products end up in the hot tub water. Oils or fats from these residues often float to the surface of the water and can be absorbed by dirt-absorbing sponges. This can already help with minor impurities.

Important: When cleaning the hot tub, it is essential to use special cleaning agents. Cleaners with scouring agents or acidic cleaning agents will damage the surfaces.


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