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The concrete pump is among the main construction devices

As you know, electric concrete pumps are just one of the main building and construction equipments that are pumps for concrete. With the advancement of the growing building and construction market, diesel concrete pumps as well as trailer concrete pumps specifically are becoming more and more preferred in the marketplace. Given the bountiful supply of concrete pumps, concrete pump suppliers are really competitive. Therefore, there might be questions. What are the aspects to think about when selecting the right concrete pump maker?

An electrical concrete pump truck is a kind of concrete pump vehicle driven by an electric motor and also is primarily utilized for moving concrete. Unlike diesel concrete pumps, it makes use of power as preliminary power. Electric mechanized concrete pumps just work in areas with enough power. Electric concrete pumps are furnished with an electric motor that provides a stable and also continuous power supply during operation. Compared to diesel-powered concrete pumps, electric-powered concrete pumps are more convenient and widely used. security obstacles, wall panels), dam construction, road paving, commercial flooring, precast concrete products for construction, waste recycling, foundries,


1. Warm Sink– Make use of the air-cooling plate and also fin warm sink to maintain the system going for the optimum permitted temperature.

2. Key oil pump

3. Lubrication system: It takes on automatic multi-point lubrication innovation to provide consistent lubrication with greater effectiveness and also longer life of putting on parts.

4. Power supply system: The collection motor power supply makes use of domestic and international renowned brands.

5. Diesel collection: The power system makes use of a Lovol or Deutz diesel motor.

6. Electrical components: The primary electrical products use Schneider, LG items for the reliability of the electronic control system.

7. Hydraulic tube link: a product to guarantee the safety and security of the hydraulic system, no leakage.

8. Large cyndrical tube seal: The product is made use of by the large cyndrical tube seal.

9. S-valve: Made from typical manganese steel casting, the putting on surface is made of wear-resistant material, which has two advantages: pressure resistance and wear resistance.

10. Goggle Reducing Ring: The goggle plate as well as studded cutting ring are constructed from carbide for toughness.

11. Piston: It uses imported materials and also precision machining, as well as has outstanding hydrolysis resistance, put on resistance and also high temperature resistance.


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