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Want To Know About Casting? Read This!!!

Casting is a modern manufacturing procedure in which a liquid substance is poured into a mold that has a hollow hole of the required shape and subsequently solidified. Casting is a solidified object that is expelled or broken out of the mold to complete the process.

Types of casting:

Casting has been categorized into different types. Lost wax casting has two main significant types, i.e., water glass casting and silica sol casting. In comparison, steel casting includes carbon steel casting, stainless steel casting, and low alloy steel casting.

Among various types of casting, the most commonly used type of casting used at various places is none other than silica sol casting

Introduction Of Silica Sol Casting:

Silica sol is a milky colloid that is soluble in both water and organic solvents but not the other way around. Because silica sol steel castings have a significantly superior surface quality and less geometrical variation of dimensions, they are primarily employed for items that need strong corrosion resistance and precision measurements.

Waxing, shelling, casting, and post-processing are the four key stages in silica sol castings. The casting blank may suit the fundamental demands of clients once these four key operations are performed. Following that, depending on the needs of the customer, additional processing such as surface treatment and CNC machining might be done. 


Silica sol investment castings have a very good surface finish, are very smooth, and have very few surface and interior flaws. Stainless steel and carbon steel castings, as well as valve castings, pump castings, marine hardware, furniture decorating, and other sectors, are among the most common silica sol castings we’ve ever produced.


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