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Why is Hydrotherapy Important?  A Complete Guide

Hydrotherapy is the treatment or cure of different problems with the help of using water. By using water, various issues, including arthritis and related rheumatic complaints, can be treated. Some hydrotherapy techniques are as easy as soaking in a warm bath, which may be done at home. Other treatments, such as using a cold sauna, need specialized sites or equipment.

Hot or cold water is used in water therapy, with water pressure and flow fluctuating between sessions. The goal is to alleviate both physical and psychological discomfort. Hydrotherapy can be done in various ways, such as simply laying down in water or using various types of equipment.

Equipment used in Hydrotherapy

  • Water treadmills
  • Bicycles that remain stationary.
  • Flotation belts or rings
  • Adjustable-weight barbells
  • Heel weights
  • Fins and flippers with short tips.
  • Tubing and resistance bands
  • Paddles and handbells for resistance.
  • Kickboards.

All these tools or equipment are used underwater to relieve pain, arthritis, or other psychological issues related to a person’s mental or physical health. Different equipment is preferred in different situations according to the person’s problem. They have different positive effects and help reduce various ailments by relieving the pains.

The powered underwater treadmills are built into the pool bottom. They have a professionally welded polished stainless steel frame for durability and safety. 

One of the benefits of using equipment in Hydrotherapy is that they let you perform exercises underwater which is almost impossible to do without using them. On the big, cushioned water treadmills surface, exercises like walking, retro-walking, sprinting, shuffling, back-pedaling, and plyometric activities are simple to do.

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